What to do with KiefWhat to do with Kief

What to do with Kief?

What Is Kief?


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In our series of articles, you’ve learned the benefits of CBD oil and gained fuller knowledge about the use of both shatter and hash, but there is one mysterious stuff to be unveiled yet – it’s kief.


If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a powerfully concentrated form of cannabis that appears on a cannabis plant when it reaches maturity. Simply put, kief is an accumulation of trichomes that hold most of the cannabinoids. These trichomes are formed on the leaves and buds of cannabis and they create a powdery substance.


If I were to define the power of kief, I should say that it’s less potent than most extracted concentrates but more powerful than the traditional flower. As with other cannabis concentrates, kief may come in a high or low quality, but there are some methods to check whether your kief is worth collecting. When dealing with the low-quality kief, you will notice that it has a saturated green color; given this, there’s a lot of plant matter incorporated into it. On the other hand, when kief has a very light tan – almost blonde – and pleases your nostrils with a tempting aroma, you may consider yourself lucky. Now, what to do with kief? Before I answer this question, I’d like to take my time to enlighten you on how to collect and store kief.


Collecting and Storing Kief


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You can collect kief in many ways, from simple to more sophisticated. The easiest method that comes to my mind is to use a 3-piece weed grinder. The grinder is built in a way that allows the ground cannabis in the mid-section while the trichomes eventually fall in the bottom of the device.


The first way of collecting kief refers to smaller amounts. For those who like to think big, there’s an ingenious method of keeping their kief safe. All you need to do is use a sifter box and a coin. The point is to disturb the trichomes to make them fall off the bud. Bear in mind that you should keep your hands and coins clean; otherwise, there’s a risk that debris and oil will get into the kief, which is unwelcome when collecting the material. Shake the box for intensely for up to a minute and, once you’ve finished shaking, open the box to see how much kief you’ve managed to collect. The process can be repeated until you’re happy with your amount of kief.


Don’t keep your kief in a warm or moist place because it will lose its quality. In addition to that, you should remember to stir and mix the kief, say, every week to make sure it doesn’t stick together. In this case, a comb will come in handy.

What To Do With Kief?


There’s a myriad of uses for kief, so let me list the top 4 most shared uses:


  1. Add It To a Joint

What lots of stoners have in common is that they smoke their kief in a joint. Although the process may turn to a mess because of the powdery consistency of kief, it will add more power to your joint. The best way to master this method is to make a joint-sandwich, which basically involves sprinkling the kief between the buds and wrapping it up in a rolling paper – piece of cake!


  1. Press It Into Hash

Let’s face it, you won’t achieve the top-notch quality hash by using kief, although it’s totally possible. Provided that you’re the king of kief and you store it in large treasure chests, feel free to conduct such an experiment. Grab a piece of parchment paper and an iron. Once you have your equipment assembled, simply fold the parchment paper, load it with the kief and put the iron over the top. Beware holding the iron for too long, as the paper will burn. Pressing kief into hash already includes decarboxylation, so you can enjoy a potent yet mediocre quality brick.


  1. Enjoy a Mug of Kief-coffee or Kief-tea

If you’re still hesitating on how to use kief, here’s a brilliant idea! You can either put it in your morning cup of coffee or brew a kief-tea. In the first case, you’ll heat the coffee in order to make the kief’s cannabinoids active. Not only will your coffee make a decent kick-start for the day, but it will also produce an effect similar to what happens after consuming weed edibles. You can expect the kief to kick in after up to 30 minutes.


Brewing your kief tea is similar to putting the concentrate into your coffee. You’ll need about one gram of kief to create a potent drink, so it basically boils down to whether you prefer coffee or tea as your go-to beverage.


  1. Use Kief to Make Moonrocks

It’s a shame that many people are still unaware of the power of moonrocks. Let’s have a class on making one of the most potent marijuana concentrates. If you want to create your DIY moonrocks, you’re going to look for regular buds, a modest amount of hash oil and some freshly harvested kief.


First of all, you must drop your bud into the hash oil. Once it’s there, carefully coat it  with a thin layer of oil, turning the weed over several times. The next step will involve picking up the oil-coated bud and covering it in the kief. Contrary to dipping your stuff in oil, the nug has to be fully and thickly coated in kief. Once the moonrock is dried, you can drop it into a bowl and prepare for the best high ever.


There you go! A compact yet comprehensive guide on how to use kief. If you feel confident enough about your marijuana skills, you may very well start experimenting now. I hope you will soon become the commander in kief!




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