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There are thousands of strains of Cannabis available out there in the wild today; some thousands of years old, and others brand new. Most have probably never been heard of, and some are so infamous none smokers have even heard of them. Some strains are easy to grow, others are rather difficult, and some are some are just down right impossible to even find! There are some strains, that are so rare, be it for production, cost reasons, or even the fact that it’s all been smoked, that it simply will never be enjoyed again! Some of these strains are searched for years on end with little to no luck! Many Cannabis lover’s dream of the day that they get to try to some of these strains, and some have been lucky enough to have even! We scoured the internet to find some of the rareststrains out there! Chances are, you won’t ever see these strains out there!

Have you ever enjoyed one of these oh so rare Marijuana strains?

Strain One: Idukki Gold

Idukki Gold, also known as Kerala Gold, comes from the south Indian state of Kerala, and is said to be one of the finest strains in all of Asia. Consisting of about 8% THC, which is particularly low by today’s standards, Idukki gold is especially good for creating hash thanks to its consistency and effects. Pungent, spicy, with a very herbal scent, Idukki Gold is extremely hard to find due to the fact that it is only grown illegally along the borderlands.

Strain Two: Lambs Breath

Also known as Lambs Bread, here we have a classic! Very popular during the 80’s, and hailing from Jamaica as a landrace strain (“Landrace” simply refers to the small number of surviving strains of cannabis that evolved naturally in the geographic region in which they were initially discovered (by 20th century humans, that is). Some experts believe that about 100 of these rare strains exist today”- massroots.com) it is purportedly one of the favorites of Bob Marley himself! Coming in upwards of 22% THC, is a very strong, clear headed Sativa strain that is very good for anxiety disorders, as well as just plain old stress relief! Unfortunately, due to the popularity this strain can rarely be found outside of exclusive private seed banks, and oh how lucky those few individuals and or business are! Rarely, those seed banks might allow some use of their resources, allowing Lambs Breath into the wild for small periods of time here and there, or so the story goes.


Strain Three: Puna Budder

As with the previous strain, those who have been around the scene for a while may be more familiar with this strain than some other readers. Made popular during the 70’s, it is supposedly a perfect mix of Afghani and Hawaiian, two very powerful strains in their own right. Afghani being purely Indica, and Hawaiian being Sativa, the 50/50 combo of the two of them supposedly creates a perfect hybrid that cannot easily be resisted. The THC content of this strain, seems to always be around 20%, as many of the others do on this list. Possessing a sweet, berry, and grape flavor, sometimes even with a little blueberry, this strain is a favorite for the lucky few who have been able to give it a try. Rumors claim there are small amounts going around in California, but if it’s true, then it is a small amount indeed.


Strain Four: Molokai Frost

A potent landrace strain from Hawaii, Molokai Frost is a potent Sativa as one might expect considering where it’s from, with THC levels well into the twenties. This strain is so rare, that little is actually known about it. Popular during the 70’s and 80’s, it quickly disappeared off of the scene, and was sadly never to be seen again. Often called a “one hit wonder” some users warned how strong this strain actually was! Producing effects of euphoria that is rarely matched by Sativa strains so perfectly. It’s possible that the strain was smoked out of existence like so many other strains due to their simple perfection!


Strain Five: Roadkill Skunk

While Marijuana in general can smell like an angry skunk too many people, there is perhaps no strain with a more potent, and similar smell to an actual skunk, as Roadkill Skunk. Who could have guessed! Being predominantly Indica, this strain has a surprisingly strong mind effect, but nothing beats the overall, and near overpowering effect of its couch lock. A mix between Skunk #1, and Afghani, this Indica packs one hell of a punch! Sadly, the strain has been bred down, and imitators have arisen over the years, such as Canada’s BC Roadkill and others. But when it comes down to it, you’ll know a real nugget of Skunk when you come across it, as few say you can even smoke it in small areas, as the smell is simply too overpowering.


Have you heard of, or even had the rare honor of trying one of the strains listed above? Despite the fact that there are possibly a countless amount of strains out there, with new ones popping up all the time, it is still the goal of many Cannabis lovers to find that strain. Or one in which they have heard of for years, which they have died to try. For some, it may be a strain that they just have not had before, while for others it may be the search for something more, something special. For many of them, sadly that day will never come; as some of these strains seem to have faded from existence, taken from us forever despite attempts to recreate, or reproduce them. For many of us, the search goes on; chasing down rumors and hoping beyond hope to find the sweet aroma of these particular strains gracing our lungs. Hopefully now, you will have an idea of what some of those strains are, and perhaps start a search of your own.



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