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This time, the summer season caught us off guard with those ultra-hot temperatures in May, and if things don’t change anytime soon, we’re going to experience the longest summer season in years.


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This, in turn, gives us plenty of opportunities to chill out with Mary Jane on the bounty of nature and take part in some of the best summer activities. And let’s be honest, every opportunity to chill out with weed is a good opportunity – period.


After all, what’s not to love about sweet, sweet summer? The warm weather is just perfect for all sorts of activities, from backyard barbecues to music festivals. Everybody can get their fair share of the summer lava cake, and if there’s a chance to spice things up a notch with a little weed, it’s all the better.



Here are 8 summer activities that are the best when you’re up in smoke!


1. A Cannabis Themed Barbecue

summer barbeque

Source: Boston Magazine


Cannabis was one of the first agricultural crops cultivated by humans – that we already know. But nothing beats the relationship between Mary Jane and food, to that I swear.


If you’re a true fan of barbecue, here’s good news: cannabis loves fat, and fat loves grilling.


How about a rib-eye steak with some parsley-and-garlic cannabutter? Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?


Better yet, imagine all those deep fried jalapenos smothered in a cannabis-infused nacho cheese dip. I’m not going to leave you drooling for the remaining part of the article, so I will leave you with your imagination for now.


Nonethless, the golden rule says: “If you can infuse something with cannabis in your kitchen, just do it.”

2. A Day Trip to the Beach

smoke on the beach

Source: NUVO Magazine

Beach trips are always a good time in summer, especially when the temperature in the city is too hot to blaze there. Not only can you light up with your buddies in a beautiful place and get close to nature, but you can also chill out by the strand and even jump into the water to cool off after the travel. And then, light another one up.

3. Concerts and Music Festivals

weed at a concert

Source: 420smokers.us


Listening to your favorite tunes is probably one of the best feelings when you’re high. That being said, why not find a concert or a summer music festival nearby and hit it with your pals? When you combine great music, close friends, and weed together, you’re putting yourself in the best environment ever. Concerts and weed go together like Cheech and Chong. Even if the odds are all against you and you arrive at the festival without any green supply, chances are it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to find someone who will gladly share the good stuff with you. After all, weed is supposed to bring people together, and sharing is caring, right?

4. A Screw-Everything-I’m-Doing-Nothing Session

ted 2 blazing

Source: Dopechef Media


Don’t get me wrong, there’s something magical about socializing in summer and I totally support it, but there are days when everybody needs some me-time, and if this me-time involves you and weed at home, then who am I to judge?


Actually, there’s a myriad of beautifully lazy things to do when chilling with weed in your house. For example, you can prepare some homemade cannabis-infused ice cream as a sweet treat for your belly and soul, because let’s face it, ice cream are just blissful when summer is at its peak.


Or better yet, you can finally play online games with your pals who also decided to become hermits for this one day. Anything, literally anything that gives you joy and pleasure can be mixed with cannabis at home. Even if you prefer to submerge yourself in the couch and listen to the music with your eyes closed – feel free to revel in this ‘activity’.

5. Highking… I’m Sorry, Hiking.

hike and smoke weed

Source: Reddit


Come on, what’s better than hiking and witnessing the picturesque views when you reach the top? Hiking is perfect for keeping you in shape and as the research shows, cannabis can be a powerful enhancer when it comes to sports. That being said, not only are you giving your eyes a breathtaking break from the sullen vibe of the city, but you’re also taking care of your health – it’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

6. Summer Picnics

summer picnic

Source: Vancouver Courier


First, you arrive at your destination. Then, you take a couple hits to get you pleasantly baked. Finally, you open up this beautiful picnic box that is packed with mouthwatering snacks to conquer your munchies, and let the hunger games begin!


Oh, and if you’re a naturally-born baker (in the culinary way, of course), there would be nothing better for dessert than a tasty, double-chocolate edible.

7. Fairs

people at the fair

Source: Markham Fair


Ah, the sweet fair. This is the place where you will find both tons of fried food and plenty of games. In addition, you can also ride the rollercoaster, win a sweet and cheesy prize for your boo, and witness some crazy shit, like the world’s smallest lady. Oh, I almost forgot: when you go to a fair, remember to visit the trippy funhouse. That’s something you need to try when baked.

8. Water Activities

water activites

Source: The Club Barbados


From surfing to diving, the abundance of watersports to enjoy while high during the hot, hot summer makes it possible to resist the temptation of jumping into the water. However, keep in mind that smoking weed does not go well with water activities, so it’s better to vape your stuff or eat an edible before getting wet. Of course, it goes without saying that in terms of water sports, it’s particularly important to keep your intake of weed in moderation.


What is your go-to activity for summer loving with cannabis? I’m all ears (or eyes, in this case).





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