Pineapple Cheese

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Grade: AAA
Type: Hybrid
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Pineapple Cheese

Pineapple Cheese is a mix of sweet and tropical Pineapple and the well known Cheese, you get this balanced sweet and cheesy hybrid.



Flavors: Sweet, Tropical, Cheesy.
Medical Use: Stress, Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Lack of Appetite.

Reviews (8)


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  1. Wren (verified owner)

    Nice and smooth, enjoy these strains together. Keeps you relax but still functional.

  2. Doomdozer40 (verified owner)

    Very cheesy. Good high. Decent trim job but not the best

  3. canadian99 (verified owner)

    this bud was extremely tasty, gave a nice body and mind high that was constant and, very smooth out of bong. tastes even better in a joint

  4. Doomdozer40 (verified owner)

    Pretty nice sack of dank! Sticky Juicy nugs, nice burn, good high. very cheesy aroma. damn. really grabs you by the booboo

  5. behappyj (verified owner)

    This strain was okay, wasn’t to strong if you want a sativa based strain stick to sativa, didn’t really feel a sativa high for this one.

  6. Nikki (verified owner)

    Nice hybird, more cheese than pineapple, flavour wise. Burns well, nice and smooth, not super potent. Good daytimer.

  7. Basil H (verified owner)

    Not bad

  8. Beardius (verified owner)

    This stuff was a nice surprise. Liked the taste a lot and was very smooth not chokey at all. Sativa lovers and daytime smokers will love this one. For sure has that cheese smell but was a nice mix overall. 7.8/10