Oro – Honey Oil

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1 gram Syringe – 84.0% THC and 1.8% CBD

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Oro – Honey Oil

Each syringe contains max 84.0% THC and 1.8% CBD

Oro’s Honey Oil is a full spectrum Cannabis oil derived from their pesticide free single strain, outdoor grown in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. It is filtered and winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant materials. Because it’s made from a single source strain in large batches, the results are perfect consistency in every dose. their sun grown plants enjoy a life that a cannabis plant should, consuming glacial waters, fresh air, natural negative ions and real sunlight. Oro also uses all the buds from the very top to the bottom, that means AAAA top nugs down to the smalls. This produces an exceptional product and unique terpene profile that is reflected in the very clean, potent burn. Honey Oil is a concentrated liquid form of marijuana made by stripping THC from quality bud. Think of it as “weed honey”. It’s not always yellow and it doesn’t taste sweet like honey, but it’s just as sticky and just as fun to use. Smoking oils are non-decarboxylated cannabis extracts and are most effective where immediate absorption is needed.

How to use:

This clean activated honey oil is suitable for all smoking, vaping, oral & transdermal applications, and edibles. Oro’s proprietary system leaves the unique terpene profile intact with no need for added terpenes yet eliminates residual solvent levels to zero.

Smoke/Vape: This product is great for dabbing, vaping, rolled in a joint, pipes and bongs.

Oral: Start by applying an rice grain sized amount (10mg) under the tongue with a meal. Use caution when re-dosing: This can take between 15-90 minutes to fully take affect. Increase your dose upward by no more than 10mg per day to find the ideal dose for your condition, without risking over medicating. Product can alternatively be added to food following the same dosage guide for a longer and less intense effect. Do not cook product as high temperature will reduce potency.

Note: There may be air bubbles in the syringe, which is normal. Each syringe is based on weight (approximately 1.0 grams) rather then volume (ml) of Honey Oil.

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  1. Mystifier (verified owner)

    Amazing. Bought this and vaped it in a CCELL Silo, and it blew me away. Very potent, with a very authentic taste, much better than any distillate. Provides a high that rivals smoking flower. Can be used in other ways as well.
    Great quality product, provides a nice relaxing high. Easy on the lungs.
    Using a vape it can be enjoyed pretty stealthily, with no long-lasting smells as a result. Make sure you heat it up well before dispensing, as it is very sticky and will harden quickly. Flows very slowly when room temperature.

  2. KaboomTerry (verified owner)

    Very nice. Put .1g in pot of tea and effect lasts all day.

  3. Mikekush420 (verified owner)


  4. Astatkewich (verified owner)

    You get less then a ml sadly. Otherwise good stuff, nice taste

  5. 16thdave (verified owner)

    Its good nice buzz however I got a little shorted did not get a gram about half a point shy so minus 1 star

  6. metallica (verified owner)

    Genius packaging. Smooth burn. Great relaxing buzz.😜