Kronic Klouds – Live Resin

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1 gram of the finest Kronic Klouds Live Resin

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Kronic Klouds – Live Resin

Live resin is a type of concentrate manufactured taking freshly harvested cannabis and freezing it to sub-critical temperatures prior to and throughout the extraction process. The drying/curing process is the main difference this method offers, and more of the original cannabinoid/terpene spectrum is retained. Heat, light, touch, and air exposure all play a role in terpene content loss.

The drying and curing process that cannabis plants typically undergoes can have devastating impacts on the strain’s terpenes. Lining virtually every corner of a mature cannabis flower/plant, terpenes are present within the trichomes.

With cured concentrates, the cannabis plant is allowed a certain amount of time to wick itself of any moisture/chlorophyll before extraction. During this, trichomes are in conditions not ideal for preserving terpenes. Fresh/uncured plant extraction creates live resin. As a result, much higher terpene contents should be captured during extraction.

There are a few ways in which one can consume this product:

– Dab using a dab rig
– Dab using a vaporizer/dab pen

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  1. PeterPan (verified owner)

    Just got my Death Star live resin and let me tell you, the flavours are great! Tasty and very smooth. I didn’t need much for a dab and felt the indica effects just start to warm my body and mind. I was impressed at the smell once I opened the jar. Thanks for the quality product!!!!