KleerX – Premium Flower Line

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Grade: AAAA

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KleerX – Premium Flower Line

Introducing the All-New KleerX – Premium Flower Line. Their top-shelf cuts are a delicacy smoked only by the finest as it serves to as one of the best bud found on the market.

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Reviews (17)


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  1. Dddd (verified owner)

    Second order.
    Still a very nice, clean smoke. Nuggets still teeny tiny, but very good.
    Expensive is the only downstroke.

  2. Travika (verified owner)

    small nugs but overall awesome strain.

  3. Millie29 (verified owner)

    Loved this. Will order more for sure

  4. Emily (verified owner)

    Will not order again. Buds are small, taste is only okay and there is no way this is an AAAA bud. Save your money.

  5. Espaceman (verified owner)

    Small buds, not visually appealing. Decent high however – will not repeat order.

  6. banks (verified owner)

    This bud is definitely special. Its well done in every aspect. The price is the only thing that makes you think twice.

  7. iliveinanoldhouse (verified owner)

    I really am not sure what Elliot Sadowy is saying? This weed is really good, I am really impressed with it. It is premium bud for sure. All the five star reviews are accurate.

  8. mikeC1983 (verified owner)

    Amazing bud! but the price is a downer thou.

  9. Elliot Sadowy (verified owner)

    These below reviews are totally bs. This weeds alright, but it aint nothing special. Trying to make look all good in the picture but this bud doesn’t even really look that good. Let Cannabismo sell this to the 15 yr olds who think this whack is acceptable. Stick to the other guys and your local dispensary. F’ng bunk site with bunk weed. Dont say AAAA if its not.

  10. snowyowl (verified owner)

    It was an absolute joy to smoke, very nice flower and a reusable jar to top.

  11. mikeC1983 (verified owner)

    The Harmony OG is absolute chronic enjoy!!

  12. Dddd (verified owner)

    Harmony OG
    Great smoke. Very clean.
    Unimpressed by tiny buds but the little guys were perfect.

  13. grai (verified owner)

    I know the price tag of $80 seems like you’re paying too much, but man I PROMISE this is worth every penny. When i opened the lid and took off the seal, this stuff ATTACKED my nostrils. The nugs themselves are what had me shook, like Zizzbizz states below, each nug looks like it was harvested and dried/cured with so much care, while each nug is CAKED with trichomes.

    I was expecting a higher THC% than what I received (Harmony OG came in at 18%) but man, I can take such huge rips of this and feel absolutely stoned after because of how smooth the herb burns and how smooth the smoke tastes.

    Mad props to KleerX on this one, I like your guys distillate, but its clear that your bud is not something to be overlooked

  14. Sourdiesel133 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, beautiful buds excellent presentation and even better smoke. True Quad

  15. Colin6969 (verified owner)

    100% one of, if not the best buds I’ve smoked. This company knows how it’s done. Bravo, I may seek only to buy from this company in the future. The trim job, packaging, quality would be hard to surpass. This bud will melt away like butter long before the flame hits it. First review, I couldn’t help myself. BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

  16. Speed6 (verified owner)

    A+++ nugget. Worth it

  17. zizzbizz (verified owner)

    I usually would never spend more than 50-60 bucks on a quarter, but holy moly is this stuff amazing. It looks honestly like some of the best bud I have ever seen. The way it was grown, trimmed, dried and cured. They took extra care and time to make sure this was a top quality product and it really shows. It smokes perfectly, it is smooth and full of it’s own distinct terpene profile. I am in love with the overall beauty of this bud. KleerX, from your concentrates to your bud, you have gained an enthusiastically loyal follower lmao Wow keep it up. I will recommend this company to many and all so long as these extremely high standards of care, potency and affordability remain consistent 🙂 Well worth the extra cash I normally wouldn’t spend. Well done folks!