KleerX – Distillate

19 reviews

Contains: 1ml Glass Syringe
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KleerX – Distillate

KleerX Distillate is the highest concentration of THC. It is a variable product than can be consumed by smoking or eating. We take pride in selecting the finest quality flower to refine into distillate. Our distillate undergoes a 7 step refinement process to ensure it meets our quality expectations, resulting in a clear gel that has a honey like texture and packed with flavour.

We are a craft cannabis brand that strives to create the highest quality products for your lifestyle. We maintain the highest standards of excellence in manufacturing and quality control to ensure our clients are given a best-in-class product consistently.

Contains: 1ml Glass Syringe

THC: 79.40%

Reviews (19)


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  1. jkreager (verified owner)

    great stuff. refill my pen cartridge with it.

  2. Bxhlem (verified owner)

    Great stuff, I ordered the GSC and love the smooth intense high. Happily recommend it

  3. Cody Dontigny (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff that I’ve had so far haven’t tried all the different strains…..yet

  4. Sitaraine (verified owner)

    Very good, will order again.

  5. Naftel (verified owner)

    Excellent product!

    Have purchased and used the Pineapple Express and the OG Kush Distillate so far with great results from both.

    Pineapple – nice mellow, productive high

    OG – solid knock you out if you have enough high

  6. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Glass syringe. Potent. But… sometimes feel I require more depending on the strain.

  7. PeterPan (verified owner)

    This is a great product. 5 out of 5. I’d give it a 6 if I could.
    Smooth and relaxing high. I couldn’t ask for a better product to get.
    I will get this again and again!
    Thank you x 100!

  8. Donald710 (verified owner)

    Price is good but was expecting a bit more potent buzz. Was good to smoke with some herb in a joint.

  9. nichemark (verified owner)

    Such great stuff and so versatile. I’m putting this in my vape to enhance the shatter, putting it in my coffee and dabbing it on my tongue. for THC lovers I think this is the ultimate thing, I can’t get over it.

    GSC and Gelato both have great terpenes, very real flavour and potency for distillate.

  10. Patty94 (verified owner)

    Very smooth, very strong, love this stuff

  11. 16thdave (verified owner)

    Taste 10/10 good value buy !

  12. Docloves (verified owner)

    Got the Girl scout cookies and it has a bit of the mint flavor to it. I love these things and even off it’s sale price this is a great buy. I will buy again for sure!

  13. jabxdab (verified owner)

    Love all the KleerX distillate 5/5
    -No cough
    -amazing taste
    -great high
    – amazing medical relief
    – high quality packaging and glass syringe which is a big plus for dabbing straight from syringe.

  14. TYoung (verified owner)

    Love this stuff.. always a great clean taste, that hits like bricks..

  15. Docloves (verified owner)

    I got the trainwreck and I love it! Especially for the price. Tastes good and the high is great. Trainwreck didn’t just help, it evaporated any signs of my migraine I had coming on. Will buy again.

  16. banks (verified owner)

    Orange cookies was great. No issues with this stuff at all.

  17. zizzbizz (verified owner)

    I tried the orange cookies and it was absolutely fantastic! Taste= 10/10 and high is 11/10. Such a nice alternative when my lungs are heavy from smoking too much bud. The packaging is perfect and the syringe is easy to use when refilling my vape pen. I am in love with these, and as long as they are affordable I will continue to buy. Excellent quality product right here.

  18. TYoung (verified owner)

    really enjoy being able to use this stuff countless ways… also tastes great

  19. Nikki (verified owner)

    Got the orange cookies. Only has the vaguest hint of orange taste on the exhale. It’s very smooth. Not bad, but don’t like this as well as the pineapple Express I had prior.