Gone Green – Medi Teddy

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100MG THC per Teddy – 1 Teddy per Package


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Medi Teddy

100MG THC per Teddy – 1 Teddy per Package


Reviews (4)


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  1. Str8.savage (verified owner)

    This is so good!

  2. Tybbs (verified owner)

    Good taste
    Avarge high
    Good price

  3. PineappleBoy420 (verified owner)

    This knocks me on my ass everytime. It’s super potent, I end up dividing it up and only taking 1/4th at a time. I highly recommend this product as it tastes fantastic and is very efficient.

  4. zizzbizz (verified owner)

    Gone green deliver some of the most affordable, and potent edibles I have ever consumed. These Medi Teddy’s are a perfect example of this. Not only are the gummies always soft and easy to chew, and full of flavor that masks the THC concentrate they have in them, but they are potent and affordable compaired to most other edibles from other companies In my opinion. My biggest concern, and pet peeve in regards to buying edibles is spending 20-30 bucks on 2 or 3 items, eating them all and feeling absolutely nothing, sort of like every time I’ve bought MOTA products which I find to be generally overpriced and not efficient :'( Which is why I am always extremely cautious when buying edibles. Gone green is one of the only companies I trust when it comes to my edibles, as well as BAKED Edibles. I honestly recommend others trying their Teddy’s, their rootbeer bottles (which are actually hard to not eat them all at once because they taste so good lmao)
    Sincerely, a very satisFRIED customer