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Grade: AAA
Type: Hybrid, Indica
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Ewok is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It is short and furry with red hairs and smells like a mixture of tangerines and Kush. Flavor-wise, it is a combination of citrus, Kush, diesel, mint, nuts, and hash. Ewok is likely the child of clone-only Albert Walker, probably a cross of Afghanistan Indica and Skunk #1, and the almost entirely Indica strain – Tahoe Alien. Tahoe Alien’s lineage includes two of Alien Genetics’ other strains, Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush.

Users might be caught off guard by the calming and energetic body high Ewok induces. Many users feel Ewok stimulates creativity.

Ideal for dealing with inflammation, muscle spasms and chronic pain, Ewok may also leave users feeling heavily sedated as it wears off. Possibly a good choice for those dealing with insomnia, it may also increase appetite. The happy cerebral effects may help lessen anxiety and stress. Some users feel more focused using this strain, which may help patients suffering from ADD/ADHD.

A good strain for moderately experienced growers, this hybrid needs between eight and nine weeks to mature. Ewok can produce a decent yield of 100 to 300 grams per plant when grown inside. Outdoors, Ewok can surpass 180 centimeters in height and yield around 400 grams per plant.


Flavours: Pungent, Diesel, Tangerine

Medical Use: Inflammation, Muscle Spasms and Chronic Pain

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  1. SatTech85 (verified owner)

    im not quite sure what to think. i found two completely different buds in this bag.some are DARK. some are green.. dark ones smell dank. the green ones smell ike lucky charm (the strain they had for 420) not sure it was a mistake or not. but hopefully cannabismo will make it right.
    anyone else have this issue?