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Best bang for your buck on various strains hand-picked by Kev’s corner for your chronic needs!


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Cannabismo Ounce Sale

Best bang for your buck on various strains hand-picked by Kev’s corner for your chronic needs!

Reviews (80)


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  1. Dddd (verified owner)

    Platinum GSC
    Very nice and calming, with an uplifting hit.
    Not super potent, but still solid aaa.
    Excellent value.

  2. ArcticErin (verified owner)

    I love finding a favourite on the list. Great quality, best price for quantity I can find.

  3. sunloverbc42 (verified owner)

    Just ordered and I don’t believe what I received is purple kush. Very mild high, barely any crystals visible, no purple whatsoever. Will not order again, very disappointed!

  4. Mikekush420 (verified owner)

    Great deall!

  5. Mikekush420 (verified owner)

    Good good deal

  6. Gbank (verified owner)

    Love this pack. Nice variety of strains every time I look too. Will purchase again!

  7. Dddd (verified owner)

    Very nice strain. Cerebrally uplifting and relaxes the body.
    Nice smoke.
    Excellent value.
    Buds on the small side.

  8. Mikekush420 (verified owner)

    Fire pack

  9. Mystifier (verified owner)

    Read up on the strains and find one you like.
    Have been ordering from them for quite some time now, and the product has always been good quality.
    Never disappointed, and oftentimes surprised at some of the strains they have available at times.
    Best price for the quality I’ve found.

  10. Conndale13 (verified owner)

    Love the price and never been disappointed

  11. Clarke262 (verified owner)

    I got the White Cookies and it actually has seeds in it. I haven’t paid for pot in Canada that had seeds in it for YEARS. BRUTAL!!!!

  12. Dddd (verified owner)

    Dutch Treat
    Very good AAA
    Incredible value for your dollar
    Effects as described
    Pungent and tasty
    Smooth and clean

  13. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Two thumbs up on the Blue dream! Very tasty! Really appreciate the hydration packs!

  14. Conndale13 (verified owner)

    Ordered chemgdawg and it’s really good weed for a good price. This is the second time.Will buy again

  15. Dave_E (verified owner)

    Great deal for sure! Got the MK Ultra and it’s been amazing. Nice relaxing high that definitely helps out me out at night.

  16. MonsterGrizzly (verified owner)

    You won’t a better price

  17. Pepe Emeritus (verified owner)

    Got a great strain at a great price. Can’t go wrong here.

  18. Kimmythebrat (verified owner)

    I purchased this because it was a good deal. I have fibromyalgia and a few other problems, this is absolutely the best I’ve had yet for relaxation and helping with my pain! I’m very impressed with it!

  19. Fishingfever (verified owner)

    Loved the harmony. Great all day weed.

  20. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    The Harmony is an excellent all day weed, not recommended for late night unwinding. very tasty weed!

  21. Marc360 (verified owner)

    Awesome deal, great quality, will definitely buy again!

  22. Waze (verified owner)

    The ounce of harmony was amazing!

  23. Conndale13 (verified owner)

    Chemdawg is amazing

  24. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Great deal on the Lemon cookies! Excellent strain! Make sure to hydrate to bring out the true flavor.

  25. BudMasterK (verified owner)

    The best deal around. Top notch buds every time

  26. jimmy87 (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  27. Sourdiesel133 (verified owner)

    Deadly value! I got the Harmony and its a real treat. Frosty sticky buds.

  28. diggerdude (verified owner)

    Got the Nuken oz, nice taste, burns nice, decent buzz!

  29. Joe204 (verified owner)

    Got the nuken. Good bud, good deal.

  30. Mahabir (verified owner)

    I got Harmony and it was really nice. And it’s a great price too!

  31. necrozis (verified owner)

    i got dark vader everything was fine nice product

  32. Jclarky514 (verified owner)

    I got the Darth Vader OG just before Xmas. Great for insomnia! Very heavy double indica mix. 4A and it behaves like one. Be careful! Not for the beginner crowd! Been smoking 20 years and this is one of my favourites. I would also like to see some Alaska/alaskian thunder f**k on here

  33. MagikWeed (verified owner)

    My first ounce. I got Darth Vader OG and I’m really satisfied. Nice for creativity!!

  34. dtopal (verified owner)

    Got the Darth Vader OG. Very strong indica that will knock you out. Really enjoyable smoke.

  35. Livingston519 (verified owner)

    We got the Darth Vader OG, this stuff is tasty and i love the high would deffinately buy it again and shipping was fast!

  36. kylea1 (verified owner)

    I got the Darth Vader for my ounce. Found it to be okay stuff. Gets the job done and taste good. Good price.

  37. Katya Abramson (verified owner)

    Lemon Skunk! Amazing strain. Not too jittery of a sativa but no couch lock from the indica either. Nice happy high and I can be creative on it too.

  38. samisweethart (verified owner)

    sooooo moist

  39. Jberglar (verified owner)

    Over priced for what I got. They also shipped to my billing address instead of shipping address still haven’t responded to me over a week now!

  40. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Ordered Lemon skunk and Vader OG. Both have dense buds and are very flavorful. Great deal. I’ll be back!

  41. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Sughar shack and master bubba, both excellent choices and would purchase again.

  42. zking (verified owner)

    HashPlant is the unfortunate choice I made. Certainly not worth the $159.

  43. zking (verified owner)

    I am still binge vaping to use this stuff up. Four bowls and barely a buzz.

  44. Ashleydmt (verified owner)

    Great for the price.

  45. Rebidoux (verified owner)

    Great to have on hand

  46. GODEMPEROR (verified owner)

    Got the Darth Vader OG and oh my god it did not disappoint! The buds were perfectly manicured and smelled amazing! Great packaging as always! Ounce sales are always a great deal!

  47. Katya Abramson (verified owner)

    Ordered an ounce of the lemon skunk. Love this strain! Lasted us over two months (My spouse and I smoke daily), never got bored of smoking the same thing. Nice, calm but alert feeling. Didn’t seem sub-par to none sale weed.

  48. Jule (verified owner)

    Had tried pineapple, very tasty sweet. Great high probably pick up again

  49. dtopal (verified owner)

    The pjrple Kush was amazing!

  50. JLHunter (verified owner)

    Got the Pink Bubba, great high to just listen to music and chill

  51. IceBear (verified owner)

    This choice has always been a really great option for getting an ounce. Only one time was was disappointing but, their will be no way that it would ruin my experience of buying it again. I would always recommend this option!

  52. Docloves (verified owner)

    Got the pink bubba this time, and it like all the others does not disappoint. I felt my whole body slip into a state of relaxation. My eyes didn’t feel heavy until I started coming down by then it was bedtime anyway and I had a great sleep too. Would buy again.

  53. Stuopa (verified owner)

    Great deal quality bud

  54. DTHunter (verified owner)

    Simply great!

  55. MonsterGrizzly (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck…always good

  56. Hollywood (verified owner)

    Lemon Skunk…excellent!!

  57. biggg_p (verified owner)

    I have ordered this once and got the love potion #9. It is a 4/5 for me. Can’t beat the price though and the buds all look and taste solid.

  58. SLEKL (verified owner)

    I have ordered 4 different kinds , Chemdawg, Purple urkle, OG Bubba and Granddaddy purple.
    Every single one is WOW.
    Great taste , Bud’s are perfect every time and The price is perfect for being able to pick from multiple strains with 2 day delivery…..Crazy, Hit’em up…

  59. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    ordered 2 strains this time around. Grapefruit and Master kush. Both were excellent! Both very flavorful with nice buds. Definitely will order again. 😉

  60. Deadpool (verified owner)

    Violator Kush, Good stuff.

  61. Deadpool (verified owner)

    Violator Kush was good, got me Frosty.

  62. Deadpool (verified owner)

    i got the og bubba and it did the trick.

  63. dtopal (verified owner)

    Picked up the nuken, was a great all around smoke amwith great taste, however not the strongest.

  64. Docloves (verified owner)

    I grabbed the grapefruit this time around. I’ve had this before and it has become one of my favorites for sure. It has a great taste and smell. The buzz is both head and body, and is a good daytime smoke. At this price you definitely couldn’t go wrong.

  65. isaywebyyou (verified owner)

    good deal good stuff(violator)

  66. Rwtrichardson (verified owner)

    I forgot I also got the death star while they had that and that was phenomenal too. If it’s on sale cause it’s older it doesn’t seem like it at all. I’ve got the death star, 2 grapefruit and a hashplant and all have been super fresh, nice cure. Def can’t go wrong with this deal in my opinion

  67. Rwtrichardson (verified owner)

    I have to disagree with the hashplant being garbage. I got that and the grapefruit. I thought the hashplant was amazing. Has a great taste and smell and mine was covered in trichomes. Great for unwinding in the evening

    Now as for the grapefruit this was my second time getting it through this deal, when it’s advertised for 220/oz right beside One of the better sativas I’ve grabbed from cannabismo. Amazing bag appeal and that smell. My god, it’s like jumping in a pool of grapefruit/citrus. Tastes is amazing, i smoke bong mostly but wicked in a joint too

  68. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Great deal! ordered the violator kush. very nice buds, very dry however. but for the price and quality you cant go wrong with these ounce specials.. will definitely order these again.

  69. Clarke262 (verified owner)

    The hash plant is NOT AAA weed. Looks good, smells good, tastes good…NO BUZZ!!! I was surprised at the lack of crystals for a hash plant. I was more surprised at the amount I had to smoke…..GARBAGE POT!!!! The OG Bubba is decent, leave the hash.

  70. Docloves (verified owner)

    I got the orange skunk, and it is a great deal. A good day time smoke. It had me talking away to everyone, it’s very uplifting. I would definitely recommend this strain.

  71. Bowers40 (verified owner)

    Usually the cannabismo sampler never lets me down, ventured away to the Green Crack God ounce special and when it arrives as small nugs (2.5 -4 cm) with the odd medium nugs. Not a big deal but it was very dry. Always test the first nug and it basically turned to dust in my grinder with 2-3 turns. But sat in my jar with my Boveda pack for 3-4 days and all good. Thus why the 3 star. Buds nice and light smoking but heavy hitting

  72. Smurphy64 (verified owner)

    Good bang for your buck! Got the OG Bubba and did not disappoint! Good body stone, perfect for night time smoke

  73. Obscure Dreamer (verified owner)

    Awesome deal. I ordered Chemdawg and was very happy with it. Tight buds. Great smell and great taste.

  74. SuzyQ (verified owner)

    A good deal. Ordered the Chem dog.

  75. BB86 (verified owner)

    Very happy to see more and more options for this sale per week. Missed out on the Sativa last time but I’m happy that I was able to snag grapefruit before it sold out 🙂

  76. OntarioBuzz (verified owner)

    Got the Chemdawg… At first sniff I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not, but as soon as I tried my first sampling I am very happy. Smoking is much smoother than I expected it would be and the effects are very pleasant.

  77. Datan (verified owner)

    Lemon skunk had a nice citrus smell and taste. It was very much a head high, super mellow and relaxed. Quite potent.

  78. Datan (verified owner)

    The Chemdawg strain is not the best tasting but it has certainly put me on my butt! Thoughts and conversations while smoking this are epic and entertaining. Nice body high as well, this just gets better and better as more effects hit.

  79. Brandymitchell (verified owner)

    Just got the lavender and it is amazing. Nice smoke and nice high. Helps with chronic back pain and helps me get relaxed.

  80. Nikki (verified owner)

    Got the Chemdawg while it was in stock, and so glad I did! Super deal at this price! The oz I received was mostly smaller very dense bugs, with some slightly larger. Smell on opening the bag was glorious, and it tastes just as amazing! Good burn and potency as well. Will definately order again, keep the great deals coming!!!