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Kevin’s Corner – Staff Picks

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Recently we have had a number of questions from individuals who are exploring the world of cannabis and are looking for a place to start. We understand how intimidating it can be for people who are exploring this industry as it transitions into legality.

At Cannabismo, when it comes to making product recommendations our entire team relies on Kevin. He has experience with all of our products and offers amazing insights. So, we decided that we should draw on his experience to create a curated list of items to help people start their journey on the right foot.

We would like to present you with Kevin’s corner. This is a place where Kevin will share one of products that he personally uses and explain why he is using them and what they do.

This Week's Picks

Evergreen - CBD Budda Sticks

Evergreen - Buddha Stick

This week I have this CBD vape pen by Evergreen. I usually don’t smoke CBD, but this pen’s got me feeling some type of way. You really feel the CBD taking care of your sore muscles after a long day work or playing sports all day. The CBD will help relax your muscles and give you a good night’s sleep. You’ll be waking up feeling like a whole new you!

Shatter Party Pack

Cannabismo - Shatter Party Pack

This week we have the Shatter Party Pack. This pack is a little expensive, but it’s worth every cent. You will receive a random strain from each of the following vendors when you buy this pack:

KleerX – These guys produce a high-quality concentrate while keeping it affordable for people like me! =) The taste is not always there, but the high is definitely strong.

Maple Leaf Extractions – Don’t let the package fool you. Their concentrates are high in terps and have a pull and snap consistency so you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

91 Supreme – These guys definitely live up to their name. Their concentrates are made from the finest strains out there so your high is quite nice and heavy; just how I like it!

Everlasting Extracts – Their concentrates are full of flavour and pack a hell of a punch. They have mastered their techniques down to the T so every strain will not disappoint.

Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Good luck fam!

Darth Vader OG

Darth Vader OG

The dark side has once again got me by the neck. Back by popular demand and one of my top favourite strains to smoke is Darth Vader OG. Not going to lie to you guys, this new batch we just got in is by far the best. It’s a heavy hitter in my books. This will definitely help you with those sleepless nights or if you’re like me and smoke all day everyday this is the strain for you. It has that piney woody taste which you won’t get bored of!

Summer Loving Pack

Summer Lovin' Pack

This week I have the Cannabismo Summer Lovin’ Pack. This pack is loaded with all the goodies that you can imagine. You’ll be getting 2 x 7g different strains of flowers, 5 Pre-Rolled Cones, a shit load of gummy’s, and hard candies! You will also get a pack of Raw single wide rolling papers, Raw tips, Raw hemp wick and Juicy Jay hemp wraps. The final 2 items are what really sold me on this pack; the grinder and the weedzies. What are weedzies you ask?? Well, let me tell you. It’s cannabis infused freezies!!! You just don’t get one but you get 2, so your partner or buddy doesn’t get left out or hell, keep both to yourself if you’re like me.

Raw Black - Rolling Papers

Raw Black - 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

I usually don’t talk about rolling papers, but wow, I’m amazed with these Raw Black – classics. It’s made 50% thinner so you can actually taste what you’re smoking and when I say you can taste it, I mean you can taste it!!! For the Raw classics you can taste a little bit of paper, but with these you can barely taste it and you will definitely get to enjoy your weed more. I used to be a raw classic type of guy, but when i was introduced to these I have enjoyed my flowers a lot more. TRY THESE, TRUST ME!

KleerX Vape Pen

KleerX Vape Pen

If you liked the KleerX Disposable Distillate Pen, you’ll love their reusable Vape Pen. It comes with 3 different heat settings, perfect for adjusting to the right temperature whether you’re a beginner or someone who likes to dab! The preheat feature sets you up in just a few seconds and did I mention this pen is rechargeable? For the ladies and gentlemen who like to get high in style and discreetly, this is for you!

The Gas

The Gas

This week I have The Gas for you. This is a Heavy Indica strain. It has a piney earthy taste followed by a happy relaxed high. This flower is great for helping manage pain or if you have trouble sleeping this will knock you right out. Definitely not a daytime smoke but if you’re a heavy smoker like me then, by all means, smoke it till you drop my friends because this is one hell of a smoke.

Yocan iShred

Yocan - iShred - Black

This week I have this wonderful product by Yocan called the iShred. This nifty device lets you smoke your dry herbs on the go with a built-in grinder. It has an lcd display with variable temperatures you can set it to and the unit heats up within seconds!
And if you’re one of the types of people who forget to switch off their unit, fear not this thing has a 5-minute timer to shut off on its own.
This product is perfect for newcomers that want to try vaping flower.

Tom Ford Pink

Tom Ford Pink

This strains high starts with a cerebral head rush that makes you feel uplifted and happy with lots of energy. This flowers sweet, earthy taste will keep you wanting more but make sure not to over do it or else you will find yourself locked to your couch.