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The First Encounter

We all remember the first time we do many things, the first time we drive a car, the first time we drink a beer, the first time we are with someone passionately, and for many of us; the first time we encountered Marijuana and the oh so powerful version known as “Edibles”. Marijuana edibles make up a large portion of the Medical Marijuana market, and for good reason. They are potent, easy to “use,” ie. consume, portable and you can even make your own at home! Edibles come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and strengths. Many people prefer edibles over other methods of Cannabis consumption, such as smoking , etc., for it of course preserves ones lungs, however it also induces a very different effect then typical inhalation, an effect that in some cases can be much more beneficial for some individuals. The world of edibles is massive, and ever expanding. Let’s delve into the world of Marijuana Edibles, and jump down the rabbit hole.


What is an edible?

Edibles come in an extremely varied, and diverse range of products, giving the Marijuana patient many options to choose from. There is the typical “Pot Brownie” made famous in popular media, candies, chips, pizzas, drinks, supplements etc. There are infinitely many items you can infuse Cannabis into. Edibles effect the body very differently than smoking does, providing effects that for some individuals, can be more beneficial than what they would experience from smoking. According to leafly.com, “When you consume cannabis in an ingestible form, its THC is metabolized by the liver, which converts it to 11-hydroxy-THC. This active metabolite is particularly effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier, resulting in a more intense high. Inhaled THC undergoes a different metabolic process because rather than passing through the stomach and then the liver, the THC travels directly to the brain. This is why the effects of smoked or vaporized cannabis come on faster and diminish quickly.” This difference in the way that the THC is metabolized makes a big difference in the end. Not only is the effect of the THC felt much stronger, but the duration of the effect, depending on how much was consumed, can last far longer than the duration of inhalation as well. With edibles, assuming you are consuming safe, and professionally made products, you know exactly how much THC you are consuming, and often such packages even give instructions, and dosage information so you know just how much you are getting. This is important considering how edibles work. When you smoke, you feel the effects instantly, or very quickly. However, when you consume an edible, it can take up to forty-five minutes before you feel the effects. Do to this, many people consume far too much for they feel that it is not working, due to how long it is taking. This is a common, and sometimes dangerous mistake. The first time many people experience an edible, it is often something they do not often forget, for typically it does not always go as planned…

First Hand Accounts

Within the Cannabis community, there are many tales that get “passed around the fire”, one of those is often what happens the first time someone uses a Marijuana Edible, as often times the experience can lead to some comical situations. As we all know, there is no statistical evidence to support the idea that anyone has ever overdosed on THC, please keep that in mind as you read the following accounts, and in some cases, experience the fear, and joy of some of these individuals! The names of those below have been changed for their protection.



“The first time I had an edible, it was November, 1982 and I was about to go to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. I had just finished hanging out with my friends at the local movie theater, on my way home (I was being taken home by a friend, I was 19 at the time, and with no car) my friend wanted to stop at his house really quick to grab something. He didn’t tell me what, but I told him that was fine, and so we made our way the short distance to his house. After running into house really quick, he came back outside holding a small paper bag, I had no idea what was in it, or what was about to happen. I had smoked before, a few joints with my friends when we could, or when anyone had anything, but I had never had an edible before. Sure enough, he pulled out a large, dark brown brownie out of the paper bag. “I got this from my brother” he said. When I asked him where he got it from, he just shrugged. We had both always talked about how we wanted to try one, having always heard about it, and now we finally could.

Sure enough, we ate the entire thing, I had about three fourths of it, and he had the rest, he didn’t like the taste so he let me have most of it. About an hour and a half later, my face was head down in my mashed potatoes at dinner, and everyone wondered what the hell was wrong with me. They left me there, and I woke up the next day with crusty food all over my face, and the family mad at me. My advice?

  1. Don’t eat edibles that you don’t know where they came from. B. Don’t eat the whole thing, or almost!


“The first time I had an edible, was about a year ago. I had just gotten my Medical Marijuana card, near my eighteenth birthday (being a California Resident) and I was excited to try out some new things.

Being in California, I had tried Marijuana a handful of times, but it was only via smoking, so I was excited to head to the dispensary and try something new.

I got a ‘Irish Mint” 100 mg Kiva Bar, and it was a great decision! The taste was wonderful, and the effect was great! It kicked in after about an hour, and the effect lasted for about six! Peaking around two hours in, it had a really strong kick! It was pleasant, and I felt like I was floating on clouds! Soon, the effect began to fade, and I took the most amazing nap! I did only eat about half of it, leaving the other half for another time.

It was a great experience, and I highly recommend it!



“My first edible experience, was pretty standard as far as I know. I was just hanging out with some friends at a party, we had been smoking etc. and someone brought out some gummy worms.  I had no idea that you could even do that! Well, we chowed down on a few bags of them, having no idea how much weed was contained in each one or anything. Luckily, it was Sativa, and we had one hell of a night! It was very, very strong. There were no bad side effects, and when we woke up the next morning, we felt great!

Making sure to do it right!

As one can probably discern from the above accounts, the first time you have an edible can really vary in terms of how well the experience was. We can take a few key pieces of advice from those that have gone before, and learn from them! There are responsible ways in which to use edibles so that they are not only safe, but effective. You want to try to make sure you know what you are eating, and are in a safe place to do so. Edibles vary greatly in strength, and it is always wise to know what you are putting into your body! Keeping all of that in mind, you can have a great experience with edibles!


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