CBD Pills vs AcetaminophenCBD Pills vs Acetaminophen

CBD Pills vs Acetaminophen

People use over-the-counter painkillers for hundreds of reasons. Some folks out there, they pop it like candies, regardless of the reason. People try to kill headaches, menstrual cramps, sunburn, dental pain, or body aches with pharmaceutical drugs and, what’s worse, they do it regularly.


Many people just don’t tolerate being distracted by pain – it’s completely understandable. However, we should be aware of the substances contained in some medicines, as they pose real threat to our health and life. When speaking of painkillers, we have to take a necessary stop to examine acetaminophen, one of the most famous ingredients of painkillers.


What is acetaminophen? Why is it so dangerous? Can cannabis kill pain instead of masking it? And finally, is it possible to kill the pain without getting high? You’ll find all the answers right below.


May I have your attention, please!

What Is Acetaminophen?


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Acetaminophen is a constituent of Tylenol, one of the most popular brand names for over-the-counter painkillers. They’re available at any drug store with no prescription needed.


Now, seriously, imagine that an adolescent walks into one of these drug stores and buys a bottle of acetaminophen. From the logical point of view, it’s something that should never happen. Well, you know how rebellious kids can be at a certain age, so it’s actually quite imaginable, given that these pharmaceutical drugs are completely legal.


If the child goes overboard with acetaminophen, chances are that you’ll be called to the hospital. The substance is very dangerous and toxic yet there are no legal consequences for people who constantly use it. Overloading your liver or dying of an overdose is of no concern for the law.


On the other hand, if the same adolescent enters one of dispensaries and purchases a bag of marijuana, the guy will, at worst, feel dizzy, hungry, and will laugh at stuff for some time.


So how come many patients are denied a natural and least toxic medicine in favor of the generally approved access to a potentially fatal painkiller? Why do they often have to break the law in order to receive the most relevant treatment?

Why Is It So Dangerous?


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Acetaminophen burdens the liver with volatile toxins. As this extraordinarily important organ gets damaged over time, it can cause a severe liver failure, not to mention that many people combine it with other drugs or alcohol, sometimes without eating anything before.


Now that you’re familiar with a theoretical threat, it is high time you make yourself friends with the statistics:


According to the Poison Control Centers across the U.S., more than 100,000 people overdose acetaminophen more than anything each year. In addition to that, 56,000 people end up in emergency rooms for acetaminophen overdose on a yearly bases.


Surprised? If you will follow me further, please…


Half of all severe liver failure cases in the U.S. are caused by an acetaminophen overdose, and the dose that can cause death is roughly 4 times higher than the recommended daily dose.


While you may think that the regular use of acetaminophen at the recommended dosage is harmless, the truth is that you’re only delaying the inevitable; in other words, your liver will eventually suffer due to severe liver toxicity, so it’s a terrible option for patients dealing with chronic pain.



Can Cannabis Be Dangerous?

Yes, in one certain instance – when you get caught with it. To overdose marijuana, one needs to smoke 1,500 pounds of cannabis in about 15 minutes. It sounds impossible, right? In addition to that, cannabis is the least toxic medicine for a pain relief. In fact, it comes with antioxidative properties stronger than vitamin C or E.

What Are The General Benefits of Using Cannabis For Pain


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Other than being a super-effective pain reliever, marijuana is believed to be a potent anti-inflammatory. Cannabis bolsters our immune systems, thanks to which it actually heals the chronic pain instead of masking them like prescription drugs.


As we continue to discover therapeutical features of cannabis, its antioxidative potential proves invaluable in treating inflammation. However, you can’t expect a potent antioxidant effect when smoking the material, so many patients choose vaporizing or eating marijuana.


By directly minimizing the amount of pain we feel, cannabis helps us decrease the number of pain signals, let alone that it relieves muscle tension, something most pharmaceuticals won’t deal with.

CBD Pills vs Acetaminophen


Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to get high when killing the pain. In fact, the cannabinoid responsible for reducing the pain signals is cannabidiol(CBD). Cannabidiol is a strong pain reliever that doesn’t have psychoactive properties whatsoever. Moreover, you can extract it into many forms, such as pills or oils. Imagine the feeling of relief when, instead of taking toxic acetaminophen, you grab a handful of harmless yet strong CBD pills from our collection of CBD products available.


Not only will your liver work unexpectedly well when not overburdened by toxic substances, but you’ll also experience less pain throughout the day, which will earn you a positive and relaxed mood.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also has a myriad of medical applications; however, its psychoactive properties make it being demonized by the society that thinks of it as a drug instead of a medicine. With that said, CBD pills win hands down.


In an ideal world, we would have total legalization of cannabis all over the world. It comes with hundreds of medicinal values with no fatal side, and thus shall not be a subject of any criminal charges when the police finds you with a bag of weed.


Hopefully, we’re on the right track of making cannabis great again!

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