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8 Holiday Destinations for Weed Enthusiasts

As you probably know, weed has many medical and casual benefits, and fortunately, many countries are beginning to decriminalize laws against cannabis. Moreover, recreational use of marijuana is becoming more popular and people are more open about their love for weed. If you’re looking for some amusing destinations to enjoy weed, you should take our list into consideration. When it comes to the benefits of marijuana, many people like to relax after work with a joint or two, so when you get a few days or week of vacation, you should consider one of these places where weed is tolerated, decriminalized or completely legal. Let us help you decide where to travel for your next stoner vacation!

1. Jamaica

Weed in Jamaica

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This is probably the first destination that comes to mind when thinking about stoner-friendly places. Thousands of travelers visit Jamaica every year, and they come to experience the perfect weather and the beautiful legendary marijuana culture. However, you should keep in mind that cultivation or consumption of weed is illegal in Jamaica; fortunately, cannabis has its strong roots in Jamaican history, so you can easily buy it, as it is usually sold openly. Plus, you’ll get real high-quality buds here while enjoying an amazing weed-sampling tour. Jamaica is a great destination for weed enthusiasts, with gorgeous landscapes to enjoy a beautifully rolled joint.

2. Netherlands

If you’re a real stoner, you should visit Amsterdam in Netherlands at least once in your life. It’s one of the best destinations for weed enthusiasts, as it has always been the place of weed smoker gateways. Whether you’re a chronic stoner or a casual pot user, you will fall in love with all that Amsterdam has to offer in terms of smoking weed. From discovering amazing waterways to admiring water-front views in a coffeeshop, you can smoke all you want here. When it comes to personal use indoors, you’re allowed to have up to 30 grams of weed. Plus, it’s one of the most romantic destinations for stoner couples. With all its amazing bridges and breathtaking views, Amsterdam has to offer much more than a casual stoner evening.

3. Australia

Weed in Australia

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In several parts of Australia, marijuana has been decriminalized but you should keep in mind that laws are different in every state. Many people believe that in Australian buds you’ll find the highest amount of THC in the world. When traveling to Australia, don’t forget that one of the best destinations for weed lovers is Nimbin, where you can attend a huge festival, called MardiGras, if you’re visiting on the first weekend of May. Nimbin is known for its high tolerance for weed, and it’s considered to be an oasis for stoners in this part of Australia. If you’re looking for a lively marijuana culture, where you can see people enjoying their weed openly, this place is a must-go.

4. Czech Republic

It’s hands down the best destinations for weed enthusiasts. Czech Republic is well-known for being an incredibly friendly place for stoners. You may be surprised but this country has one of the most reasonable drug laws in the world. If you live in the Czech Republic, you can grow up to five plants at home, but you are also allowed to possess 15 grams of weed outside. This European country has gorgeous architecture, unique and historic gardens, and many other attractions that make it even more attractive for weed lovers.

5. Spain

Smoking weed in Spain

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In terms of decriminalizing cannabis, Spain was one of the first countries in Europe to allow its citizens to use and grow weed. You can enjoy your pot at home or attend one of the cannabis festivals, such as Spannabis or High Life Expo. However, you are not allowed to smoke weed in public. Although selling and buying cannabis is not allowed, you can easily find a place to purchase some good buds in Spain. When planning your trip to this beautiful country, you should visit Barcelona, which is a gorgeous place with picturesque architecture and amazing marijuana culture.

6. Uruguay

For those of you who are looking for the perfect weed-friendly destination, here it is. Weed has been legal in Uruguay for years now, and Montevideo, the capital city, was the first place in the world that completely legalized marijuana. If you’re a local, you can possess up to six cannabis plants at home, while it is allowed to harvest even 480 grams. You should know that now the government wants to take control over the cannabis industry. What can you expect? They want to sell weed for $1 a gram, which means Uruguay could have the cheapest marijuana in the world!

7. New Zealand

Smoking marijuana in New Zealand

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If you’re looking for a place when weed is extremely appreciated and cultivated on daily basis, you should travel to Wellington in New Zealand. Even though marijuana is still illegal here, local people consume lots of weed. If you find yourself in New Zealand, there are many gorgeous places to enjoy a joint. You can visit thermal pools, admire beautiful sunsets on the West Coast, or discover picturesque Hobbiton. Not to mention, smoking a joint while staring at the most beautiful mountains and waterfalls on the South West Coast.

8. North Korea

Although we don’t know much about marijuana laws in North Korea, it is often reported that weed is tolerated and legal in this country. Marijuana has been cultivated and grown in this area for centuries, and there is a whole history of this plant and its uses by the locals. According to many reports, marijuana grows freely in North Korea and is widely accepted by local people, but it’s best not to smoke it in public.

As cannabis is growing in popularity all over the world, many people prefer to travel to one of the best destinations for weed enthusiasts. There are many places where you can enjoy your weed and take some time off from your everyday life. There are much more destinations for weed enthusiasts, where marijuana is accepted and cultivated by local people, so go ahead and plan your next stoner-friendly trip!

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