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Ways To Smoke WeedWays To Smoke Weed

5 Awesome Ways To Smoke Your Weed

5 Awesome Ways To Smoke Your Weed

We know that a lot of you are weed connoisseurs and have many different ways of smoking your ganja. Some people have never even branched out of their smoking methods and that’s okay. We just wanted to go a bit in depth on these categories because we know some of them will BLOW YOUR MIND!



Photo Credit:Leafbuyer


Most cannabis enthusiasts will turn to joint papers which are a much more healthier alternative. There are two types of joint papers to use, regular and hemp.

Most people will roll their own joints but these days they have accessories that can help you pre-roll your joints like the ones dispensaries use. You can roll your joint with weed and tobacco which is also known as a spliff. Some people like doing this to save weed or to get a nice buzz. Musicians like the late Bob Marley and Wiz Khalifa only smoke papers and would often spread the health benefits of not using tobacco leaves.


A filter is a small piece of cardboard used as a crutch and is rolled into a joint at the end like a cigarette. This helps to filter your smoke and prevents the end from getting wet and getting stuck together.


Difference Between Blunts & Joints / Photo Credit:Honest Marijuana

Wraps & Blunts

are similar yet different, they both are made up of tobacco leaves but only one is an actual cigar.

Wraps are just the tobacco leaf and usually come in a pack of 2-4 and are moist and ready to use.

Blunts are often chosen more than wraps because people are very specific on how they roll their blunts. Dutch Masters are probably one of the most popular cigar brands around and the most complicated to roll. So, we decided to look around and we found that Mass Roots has a great tutorial video on how to roll Dutch’s.



Types of Paraphernalia / Photo Credit: Ganjapreneur


  • Pipes – Pipes are more for personal use and range in different sizes. They can be made out of wood, glass, titanium, etc.
  • Bubblers – Basically a cross between a pipe and a bong, which is useful if you want something portable and potent.
  • Steam Cleaners – It’s not what you think, it’s basically a decent sized glass, cylinder pipe that has an opening at one end for you to cover and another for you to inhale. One hit of this and you’ll feel as if you just took a shotgun!


  • Water pipe – A water pipe is built with a large chamber and removable stems and bowls that you can pull out to clear the chamber, instead on using a carb like on a bowl. Just take one nice big rip and let go of all your pains and sorrows. This is a really nice way to smoke hash.
  • Heady Glass – Colorful and beautifully designed glass that is made from quality glassblowing.
  • Production Glass – Most commonly used glassware for bong making and if often mass produced which results in cheap bongs that break.
  • Percolators – A percolator is basically adding an additional chamber with a unique, glass design with a water filtration system in your bong, bubbler, etc. This makes your bong hit smoother and you’ll notice the more “percs” they have the more expensive piece.
  • Gas Mask Bongs – We thought THIS would sum it up…


  • One-Hitters- Probably a stoner favorite! Easy to hide and pack for when you just need that one little hit! Some even come disguised as cigarettes for the more discreet clients and patients.
  • Chillums- These are also known as one-hitters however they can range from small sizes to rather enormous sizes.
  • Dugouts- Okay, we lied, THIS is probably the stoner favorite! Why? Because it’s a small, two-chambered wooden box that holds your weed and your one-hitter. Just shove your one-hitter in the dugout where your weed is and you’re ready to get high!


Check out the Top 8 Vapes of 2017 / Photo Credit: TheVape.Guide

Vapes & Vape Pens are an alternative to smoking and burning flower and concentrates. We would recommend this for the classy smoker who doesn’t want to smell like the plant and keep things clean. You’re still able to experience psychoactive effects and if you want you can take it on the go with a vape pen. Plus, some people don’t want to deal with a torch and rig and this is a great alternative!



Photo Credit: Daily Dabs 420

Dab Rigs – It’s pretty much a bong for your concentrate and is usually connected to a nail and sometimes burned with a torch. This is a great way to smoke shatter.

Nails – It’s main purpose is to work in conjunction with a dabbing rig and when the nail is torched, it vaporizes your wax/shatter so that you’re able to inhale it through the rig. You should allow the nail to cool a bit so it doesn’t completely evaporate your concentrate. Check out this video on the different types of nails RuffHouse Studios used for dabbing their wax!

Carb Cap – This is really more of a tool that fits over the nail and it allows you to vaporize a full hit at a much lower temperature. It also helps keep the flavor so that you have a nice smooth and delicious hit.

Nectar Collectors – These are perfect for portable use and it also collects resin which is how it got its name. It’s a small syringe-shaped, glass piece with a titanium tip where you can torch and dab. Check out 7 simple steps on how to use them here.



DIY Thai Stick / Photo Credit: Stoner Dayz

Thai Stick – The Thai stick was originated in Thailand between the 60’s and 70’s and was a quite popular way to smoke the herb. It’s made up of high quality buds bound to hemp fiber stalks dipped in opium. However, today, they are dipped in hash oil or live resin and can often be found in dispensaries in California. This would be quite a big task to take on so we recommend starting off with Twaxing, which is starting to become a huge phenomenon in the cannabis industry.

Gravity Bongs – Most people turn to an apple or a soda can when they can’t find any smoking utensils but we were more interested in the gravity bong! This is actually quite simple and you can buy materials at your local headshop. All you need is a bottle, a knife, and something to create a bowl like a ratchet or a small funnel. Check out the two examples we found below on how to make these!


Gravity Bong, Example 1 / Photo Credit: GrassCity



Gravity Bong, Example 2 / Photo Credit:The Weed Blog

We hope you learned some new ways to enjoy your herb. Let us know which ones were your favorite!

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